Tammi Cubilette

Tammi CubiletteIf Lucille Ball, Rita Moreno and Whoopi Goldberg had a baby – first of all, that would be impossible, and second of all – that baby would be Tammi Cubilette. She is the star and co-creator of a web-series called Get Some on Kollideoscope.com. Recently, the 2016 International Latino Film Festival nominated her best actress for her work on Get Some. She didn’t win. IT WAS RIGGED! She was a series regular on the short lived, critically acclaimed and ahead of its time, Latino-themed sketch comedy show HOUSE OF BUGGIN’, starring John Leguizamo. When shooting a guest star spot with Whoopi Goldberg on Mad TV, Whoopi said of Tammi, “That girl cray!” She didn’t really say that but Tammi really did work with Whoopi. She is also a dog wrangler, extreme wine drinker and lover of all things truffled, salted and caramelized. Her motto is “I just want to drink wine and rescue dogs.” That quote was stolen from a t-shirt…She is also a petty thief.