Marc Abbott

BAE616AC-CB4F-45D5-9C68-89E634CD39F0Marc L Abbott is the author of the YA novel The Hooky Party and the children’s book Etienne and the Stardust Express. He is the director of the horror short SNAP and the online horror series Anthorrorgy. A two-time nominated actor, a 2015 Moth StorySlam and GrandSlam winner. He has performed at RISK!, Yum’s the Word, Now You’re Talking! & BadyHouse Storytelling Concert. He is the host of the monthly storytelling show Maaan, You’ve got to hear this! at Precious Metal in Bushwick, Brooklyn. He has written and performed two one man shows; Of Cats and Men: A Storytellers Journey and Love: African-American Style which was featured at the EATS festival at the TADA Theatre. He is also co-host of the podcast Beef, Wine and Shenanigans which airs twice a month and a member of the HWA.
Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, he still calls the borough his home. Visit his website for more on his work and future appearances.