Joel Linchitz

joel's pictureFor over twenty-five years, Joel Linchitz has traveled the U.S. and around the world as a Trainer, Author, and Motivational Speaker. After many years of mostly unsuccessful psychotherapy, he still proudly retains the title as the world’s only “Depressed Motivational Speaker.” He is also proud of being voted Time Magazines “2006 Person of the Year.” (Joel didn’t even mind when he found out that he had to share the title with everyone else.)

Joel has always incorporated storytelling in his speaking engagements. He relates his personal challenges, handicaps, and phobias as an entertaining way to communicate universal feelings and experiences.

More recently he has performed personal monologues and stories at various public forums including ‘Moth Story Slams’ in New York City, ‘First Friday’ and the ‘Spoken Word’ in Phoenicia, New York, ‘Spoken Word’ forums in Woodstock and Kingston, New York, and various other venues around the country. This summer he performed his most recent monologue, “Blond Luck” in Paris, France at Culture Rapide, a popular comedy, poetry, and storytelling club for American expats and students.

He is currently working on a series of monologues based on his life experiences that he intends to perform on stage to a “paying” audience. One day he hopes to be able to stop paying audiences to listen to him.