old kid 1Olde Kid was born out of a love for making music.

Last summer Actor, Director, Writer & Teacher Thomas G. Waites cast Musician, Actor, Songwriter (then 16 year old) Cedric Allen Hills in a production of William Shakespeare’s As You Like It. Cedric’s role evolved to include his playing of the Cajones throughout the show.  This led to a mutual desire to continue playing together, after the successful run of the play.

Jam sessions began infrequently but increased rapidly to a minimum of 2 times weekly, motivated by pure joy and later, a desire to take their music out of the apartment and into the ears and eyes of family and friends. Cedric & Thomas discovered that not only could they reinterpret & cover bands ranging from The Old 97’s, The Band and DAWES but additionally found a groove composing together. Thomas taught Cedric songs created on acoustic guitar and piano from years ago when lead singer & songwriter for the band, The Pushups, and Cedric composed fresh, exciting, genre-splitting pieces on the cajones.

Always up for the thrill of fear in facing a critical audience, Thomas started searching for a place to book their first gig.  Longtime friend and fellow Actor & Singer Annie McGovern jumped in to provide backup (and sometimes) lead vocals along with new acting student, Country Western singing sensation 14 year old Mary Doyle.

On a cold early spring night the now complete band, OLDE KID performed at Greenwich Village’s infamous club, The Bitter End, to an audience ranging in age from 13-70. The play list was an exciting balance of covers & originals;  applause, hoots & hollers was evidence that OLDE KID was onto something.

This Summer Tom will be heading to England to direct his original Musical Macaire.   You can also catch him on TV in the two series “Homeland” and “The Punisher