Robert Schwartz

Robert is marginally pleased to tell you that he has written for most of the major television networks, the acronyms of which you are familiar with. He has ghostwritten screenplays as a hired gun for a slew of notable A-list screenwriters whose drug and alcohol problems rendered them unable or incapable of staying sober long enough to complete their assignments. He has also written for a number of popular magazines like Cosmopolitan, Entertainment Weekly, ESPN and others, before the print magazine world imploded. And online he has blogged at Huff Po, The Daily Beast, Hollywood Dementia, and many others who sadly or not are no longer with us. This is his first appearance at any public storytelling event. He deeply resents having to write a bio about his tragically insignificant career. But, since doing so was a prerequisite to appearing here tonight, he has complied. If he is awful, blame Terri Mintz who took a big risk asking to read.