Lou Mustillo

Mike & MollyLouis Mustillo was born in Buffalo, New York. Being brought up in a tough neighborhood, young Lou had trouble fitting in with the rest of the kids.
As he was in school, young Lou was given the opportunity to star in a school play. That was the first time he knew he wanted to be an actor. The attention got to him and he even started writing short plays and performed them at his household as well as for his neighbors. As he grew older, he always looked forward in the weekends going to movie houses and seeing the performances of classic stars like Cary Grant, Spencer Tracy, John Wayne, and Laurence Olivier. Mustillo’s passion for acting grew stronger as one day he would see himself in that screen being the romantic type. After he graduated from High School, he was given the opportunity to go to college and study Drama. Mustillo developed his own palette for acting and continued writing his own plays. With his short bulky stature, charming charisma, and commanding monotone voice, Louis Mustillo is one man who could think fast on his feet.

As a successful playwright writer, he has done commercial success with his one man Broadway show “Circumstances” and has even gained more recognition on his latest Broadway hit “Bartenders”. Mustillo has also appeared on several television dramas and TV sitcoms as a guest star as well as being in the short lived cop drama “High Incident” which ran for two seasons as the good hearted and movie buff police officer Russell Topps. Mustillo has also appeared in motion pictures such as “Passed Away” with Bob Hoskins, “Corrina, Corrina” with Whoopi Goldberg and “The Peacemaker” with George Clooney as well as many motion pictures.

As an actor, Mustillo knows the business very well and has developed a respectful following from fans and aspiring actors. Though, he considers play writing is his main forte, this man is a rare talent and has proved versatile qualities. Mustillo has played his share of characters such as shy, clumsy, sympathetic, weak minded, classy, tough guy, and even sleazy characters. He has even attracted lots of attention to directors and writers that are impressed by his acting and is considered a joy to work with by actors as well as producers.  When not working, Louis enjoys collecting vintage antiques. He also enjoys going to the beach for relaxation and going to museums to look at art. Painting is his favorite hobby. His other love is Shotokan Karate which he has ranked a black belt and even volunteers at the Dojo for assistance.