Joey Novick

Joey Novick has been a political comedian, camp counselor, editorial director, attorney, busboy, radio show host, professional speaker, child actor, Congressional campaign manager, and an elected official in New Jersey – but not necessarily in that order. His solo show, “Comedian Elected to Town Council in New Jersey” was nominated for Best Comedy Performance at the Capital Fringe Festival in DC. He has appeared on The Liar Show, Sideshow Goshko, Yums the Word, and hosts his own monthly storytelling show [“This Really Happened”] at the Hopewell Theater in New Jersey. He has met Governor Chris Christie, Presidents Reagen, Clinton and Obama, but not all at the same time. He teaches lawyers and politicians the value of improvisation []. And he snuck into the $1000 a plate Reagen Dinner at CPAC by walking backwards and saying he was ‘just leaving’ [true story].