Jean Le Bec

86DE320B-ED62-4F22-A5A2-CB4DCF8B38E3Jean Le Bec, born and bred in Brooklyn NY, she is an educator, writer and a moth story slam champ. Jean remembers telling her first story at the age of 4 and she has not stopped! Just give her 5 minutes and she’ll tell you a story. She has performed extensively through out NYC and has been featured on: Risk, Two Truths And A Lie, Yums The Word, NYS Exchange, Take Two, Bady House Concert Series, City Stories, Surprise Stories, Story Collider, WordUp, Look Who’s Talking, Tell It Brooklyn
and Rimes of The Ancient Mariner.

In August 2016, Jean performed a 20 minute work on Governor’s Island which stepped away from traditional story telling and interacted with the audience.

You can hear her on Podcasts such as: Risk, Tall Tales In the Big City and Singling episode 18. Story Collider will be airing a story Jean performed live on November 17th.