Gilda Konrad

Gilda_KonradIt’s been said that if Samuel Beckett and Betty Boop had a child who did standup, it would be GILDA KONRAD.

GILDA has been performing comedy in New York City clubs and performance spaces for over 25 years. Many audiences have been introduced to her little friends Mr.Towel and Mr. Milk.  She is the creator and star of “OH HI! A One-Towel Show” featuring a special segment in which Mr. Towel interviews celebrities and only asks them only towel-related questions.

As an actress, GILDA has appeared in Louis C.K.’s short films and in his “Filthy, Stupid Talent Show,” as well as appearing in other comedic films and several stage plays in the NYC area. She has appeared  in sketches on “Late Night With Conan O’Brien”, “The Howard Stern Show” and “The Bosun’s Mate and Other Sketches by Larry David” at Carolines Comedy Club.

She has performed truthful comedic stories from her life at WORD The Storytelling Show, the Moth and the Mosquito at Dixon Place.