Debra Schwartz

Debra Schwartz-head_shotAlthough this is Debra’s first foray into storytelling, she’s been telling stories all her life. It all began in the Catskills during the Dirty Dancing era.  At just 18, she was playing with comedy legends Shecky Green and Gabe Kaplan proving that no one puts Debbie in a corner.  After catching the comedy bug she infected the nation doing coast to coast standup.  Even the name of her Seattle based house cleaning company reflected her wit.  Rent-A Yenta was not only her bread and butter for 25 years, it also inspired the sit com she penned in 2000. This brought her to Hollywood to pedal her project and swim with the sharks. After 3 crazy making years living in LA, Debra escaped to Berkeley and went to graduate school to become a shrink.  Debra returned with a new way to profit in Hollywood. She now has a thriving practice working with those who swam with the sharks…and drowned