Barbara Reeder

Barbara Reeder is a NYC based professional actress, who for five years played “Dave’s Wife” on CBS Late Show with David Letterman. She also impersonated Kathie Lee Gifford with Regis Philbin, and played various wacky sketches on “Late Show”.

She has done over 50 television commercials, for Coke, Joy dishwashing liquid, Oreida potatoes, Lipton Soup, and lets not forget Vagisil, to name just a few favorites. She has also done various Episodic Television Shows while doing time ( as she calls it) in LA.
She has done various episodic television shows while ‘doing time’ (as she calls it) in LA.

She has co-written 3 sitcoms with her writing partner. All three were optioned and are still making the rounds! She also wrote a series of feature comedic articles for Theatre Week and The Daily, and The Daily Front Row.

She is currently working on a book detailing her work with the Spiritual realm…and so the story begins