Allan Hunter


Allan Hunter is a person with a peculiar sense of gender identity of
the sort that is nowadays called “genderqueer”.  When asked to put it in plain English he says “I’m a girl, that’s my gender. But I’m male, that’s my sex. Neither one is wrong.”

His current work-in-progress is a memoir, FROM A DIFFERENTLY GENDERED CLOSET: THE STORY OF Q, described as a genderqueer coming-of-age and
coming-out story. He is in the process of seeking a publisher.

A prolific writer and eclectic social activist, Allan Hunter is
active in various gender identity groups on Long Island and New York
City and has presented materials at Boston College Women’s Center,
LIFE in Nassau at the Nassau County GLBT Center, EPIC LifeStyle
Conference in Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania, and the Baltimore Playhouse
in Maryland . He also maintains a blog focused specifically on his
book, the ideas and experiences behind it, and the process of trying
to get a niche book into mainstream publication.